Our Honorable Principals

1Rev. J. Mitchell19031910
2Rev. A. E. Brown19101927
3Rev. A. R. Spooner 19271933
4Mr. William Bailey 19331937
5Rev. C. F. Ball 19371943
6Mr. W. J. Culshow 19431949
7Prof. A. K. Mundle 19491966
8 Prof. R. N. Das 19661971
9Dr R. L. Sarkar 19711971
10Prof. S. Singh 19711981
11 Teacher-in-charge 19811985
12Prof. Mark Mir 19851987
13Teacher-in-charge 19871992
14Dr Richard R. N. Bajpai 19922014
16Dr Fatik Baran Mandal 2016-
Under the Management of Diocese of Durgapur, Church of North India Accredited "A" By NAAC in 2019
College Road, Bankura,West Bengal, India
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