Bankura Christian College has two NSS units Unit-I and Unit-II. The two efficient programme officers are Mahitosh De and Dr. Arijit Sinhababu. Nearly two hundred students are enrolled as NSS ---- at present. The college is likely to get two more unit s in near future. The two NSS units bring our college closer to the society. Knowledge and action are combined together through the activities of the volunteers which promote community development. It also helps building the personalities of the volunteers through community service.

The NSS unit of our college has the linkage with the health department, Govt. of WB, Red-Cross Society, Rotary club etc. The NSS volunteers of our college serve the people outside the campus engaging themselves in the development programme. The entire volunteers of the NSS units of our college are divided into ten Bahinis viz. Sarbasakti Bahini, Vivekananda Bahini, Vidyasagar Bahini, Arabinda Bahini, Mahatma Gandhi Bahini, Netaji Bahini, Mother Teresa Bahini and Sister Nibedita Bahini,. The student volunteers have been grouped according to their inherent potentials and aptitudes. At the beginning of the calendar year the assignment for each bahini is specifically defined, all aspects and projects has been explained so that they can associate themselves with these projects whole heartedly. 

Before starting each academic session our college convenes the meeting of NSS advisory committee for a clear planning of the proposed work to be undertaken. Apart from planning, the reviews of the previous yearís activities are done and also the outstanding wirk of the Bahini is recognized by awarding them with special certificates.

Activities of NSS programmes undertaken:-

For reaching the assigned goal every action should have proper planning. Keer that in view, Bankura Christian College makes a planning of NSS activities throughout the academic session.

The activities start with Van Mahotsav week in the first week of July every year in the college campus and the adopted villages. This is specifically done by senior NSS volunteers as fresh students are yet to take admission before July. For collecting the small plants, saplings etc. we contact Bankura District Forest office.

In the month of August new NSS volunteers are enrolled and detailed enrolment data are sent to the NSS programme coordinator, the University of Burdwan, Rajbati, Burdwan. In the same month the NSS advisory committee is reformed and convenes meetings for the incoming sessionís action plan.

College starts its full phased activities from the 15th August every year with all the three years NSS volunteers. In the third week of August we arrange an orientation programme for 2-3 days specially for the newly recruited volunteers. We go to our adopted villages in the same month for getting our idea about the action plan for the coming session. We consult the village people for the same. Volunteers stay there making temporary camp and make villagers aware about the development in different aspects, such as taking part in literacy programme, health service programme etc.

24th September is observed as NSS day. The NSS units of our College arrange special health care programme for the general students of our college on this auspicious day. We celebrate Gandhijiís birthday in our college on 2nd October.

19th November is celebrates as national integration day. NSS volunteers participate in annual exhibition in our college every year. Different Bahiniís of both the two units make special campus cleaning programme every month which includes the sweeping and cleaning of the interior of the college building and surrounding areas. In the last year 2008, the two units of our college along with the active cooperation of Red Cross society Arambag unit arranged three days first aid training camp from 12th December to 14th December 2009.   

The special winter camp was made this year from 19th January to 28th January at Christiandanga, Bankura, the adopted village of Bankura Christian College. This is a camp where the pending work which could not be finished in the usual time is finished through different types of activities. The theme of special camp this year was ďHEALTHY YOUTH FOR HEALTHY INDIAĒ. The camp helped in creating durable community assets and improved the conditions of weaker sections of the area Christiandanga. The student volunteers participated the special campaigning programme enthusiastically understanding the dignity of labour and the need for combining physical work with intellectual pursuits. The series of work which were undertaken during the 10 days special campaigning programme includes plantation of tree, at some specific places, the cleaning of village roads along with construction and maintenance of few lanes of Christiandanga, cleaning the football ground, the church ground and its neighboring areas, disposing garbages, making people aware about the environmental sanitation. Last but not the least, the slum dwellers of the locality was made conscious about the maintenance of cultural heritage among the community. A special seminar on global warming and related ecological problems was organized in the 1st weak of February 2009 to create awareness among the students of our college. Eminent speakers from the Department of Botany, Zoology and Physics discussed about the causes of global warming and the necessary precaution which may be adopted to prevent global warming. NSS units of Bankura Christian College keep arranging this type of seminars for the general students time to time.


Extension Activities of the College Through NSS 2008-09





14-20 July

Van-mahotsav. (Tree plantation in the campus & in the adopted village/slum).


1-7 August

Enrollment of new volunteers.


09  August

Orientation meeting of NSS volunteers.


10 August

Campus cleaning.


15 August

Independence day.


17 August

Seminar on general health.


23 August

Meeting on health awareness campaigning.


24 August

Health awareness campaigning in adopted village/slum.


30 August

Seminar on mother and child care.


06 September

Visit to the adopted village/slum.


13 September

Campus cleaning.


21 September

Meeting on NSS day observance.


24 September

NSS day observance.


27 September

Motivation seminar on blood donation.


28 September

Preparation for blood donation.


01 October

Blood donation camp.


13 November

Meeting on Special Camp, Campus cleaning.


14-16 November

Survey on Special Camp


19 November

National integration day


20-29 November

Visit to the adopted village/slum.


01  December

Campaigning in adopted village


18-20 December

Pre-Schooling Camp/ Health camp (Red Cross)


12 January

National youth day observance.


17 January

Seminar on Drug abuser.


26 January

Observance on Republic day


18-28 January

Special Camp


07 February

Seminar on global warming

----Participation in annual exhibition.

----Participation in pulse-polio immunization programme






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